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Virtual Reality & CAD Trends at the Hannover Messe

From 1 – 5 April 2019, global players and mid-sized companies from all over the world will be back in Hannover. The Hannover Messe is considered to be the world’s largest industrial and capital goods trade fair, and this year’s topic is “Industrial Intelligence – The networking of man and machine in the age of the KI.” The connection between computer-aided design and virtual reality technology is becoming increasingly important.

Marvin Tekautschitz, one of the founders of WeAre, will hold the keynote titled “Show, don’t tell” which deals with visualization and collaboration in Virtual Reality. Let’s start on April 3, 2019 at 12:30 on the stage in Hall 13 | Stand F18.

Virtual Reality in Industry 4.0

Virtual Reality applications for the industry are on the rise and are increasingly being used in production. This is especially true for the visualization of CAD data, the implementation of training, the inspection of industrial plants, as well as the cross-location cooperation via VR conference systems. We have summarized the most interesting virtual reality exhibitors at the Hannover Messe here:

View, test, and develop prototypes in VR

Virtual Reality makes it possible to develop virtual prototypes based on CAD data and display them in 3D long before physical prototypes are built. Planning parts, machinery, and industrial facilities in VR simplifies development and reduces lead times. Meanwhile, robots can also be programmed, controlled, and monitored via VR applications.

Exhibitors on the topic:

  • WeAre enables the spatial representation of 3D CAD prototypes during a VR conference and provides broad support for various CAD formats.
  • SALT AND PEPPER realizes individual VR software solutions with a focus on production and assembly planning.
  • R3DT provides a virtual reality tool for collating designs, as well as factory planning and assembly planning.
  • Memanto brings trade show booths to life with the help of virtual reality.
  • PROMAUT has developed the Oculus Rift Viewer, a VR application that can be used to investigate simulation models of an industrial installation.

Make machines and systems accessible with VR

When it comes to visualization, VR technology is simply unbeatable. Even industrial plants, machinery, or buildings can be experienced by the customer long before the object is built. 3D visualizations do not help with the design of spaces, so the production processes can also be better planned.

Exhibitors on the topic:

  • CMC Engineers With the CMC ViewR, CMC Engineers offer a virtual reality solution for mechanical and plant engineering, which simply and intuitively visualizes CAD data.
  • Solidpro Informationssysteme GmbH With Solidpro ViewR, Solidpro Informationssysteme GmbH offers the opportunity to commit or control models.
  • TechViz provides real-time visualization of 3D applications.
  • Dassault Systèmes – “The 3DEXPERIENCE Company” enables companies to experience innovation in virtual worlds.
  • ‘Twinsense 360’ programs an app that visualizes products for product presentations in 3D.
  • MRstudios develops interactive 3D experiences in the form of product visualizations, animations, and user interfaces.

Education and training in VR

Virtual Reality training supports employees through education. Not only is a lasting learning effect achieved by Gamification, the safety and efficiency of training can be increased. Thus, machines and production processes in VR can be simulated without limiting real production. Employees can be specifically prepared for dangerous work situations.

Exhibitors on the topic:

Remote collaboration in VR

In addition to pure visualization in VR, cross-location collaboration is playing an increasingly important role. A global economy with decentralized teams needs cost-effective communication channels. Particularly in the field of product development: VR conferencing begins where video conferences end. CAD data can be experienced by the entire team at the same time and can be discussed directly. In order to hold a workshop in VR, the startup WeAre has also integrated interactive whiteboards and a 3D drawing function in its VR conference room. At the WeAre booth – Hall 13 | Stand D12/1 – visitors can experience the virtual meeting room live.

Conclusion: If you want to engage with new developments in the field of Industry 4.0, you’re in good hands at the Hannover Messe. There’s also much to discover this year for CAD users and VR enthusiasts.

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