Vertriebsoptimierung durch betrachten von CAD Daten einer Schauenburg Maschine in Virtual Reality.

Virtual sales meetings for sales optimization

Better sales chances and uncomplicated communication with customers: the Schauenburg Maschinen und Anlagen Bau GmbH relies on the virtual reality technology from the WeAre GmbH for this.

The solution allows for location-independent sales meetings in realistic virtual system models. VR is not only used in sales; the system from the Berlin start-up offers crucial advantages compared to traditional, real presentation modelsat trade fairs and during the planning and construction phase.

Relief for sales

“With the use of the WeAre solution, I just need VR glasses, a powerful laptop and light house to restrict the virtual room for a customer meeting,” explained Norman Perten, sales director in Schauenburg. Extensive meetings with intense planning in factory halls are a thing of the past through the use of modern VR technology. “Thanks to VR, we can present our systems to the customers directly in their office. This is time- and cost-efficient for both sides and simplifies the organization of our customer meetings,” according to Perten.

Bridge to product development

The effort for this is clearly simple: through the use of VR goggles from the WeAre GmbH, the customer is put into a realistic 3D model of the system that they are interested in and would like to take a tour of. Daniel Hübner, who is responsible for VR use in Schauenburg as a construction engineer, awaits in the virtual room. This makes it possible to take a tour of the system without it having to physically exist or even having to be installed on site. This can be an enormous advantage for the producers of large systems such as separation systems for solid-liquid separation, ground washing systems or systems to prepare sand, stone and minerals. Those who are interested can experience a realistic and reliable image of the system without having to tour this directly on site. This saves travels, time, cost and organizational effort.

Experience is better than explaining

Furthermore, the virtual reality conference system from WeAre has another important advantage. “From a sales aspect, our technology attracts through its experience character. The meeting in the virtual world is a new and exciting experience for many, which also increases the ability to increase excitement for the corresponding product,” explains Max Noelle, co-founder and CEO of WeAre.

The method of choice at trade fairs as well

What works during a customer appointment is also good for Schauenburg at trade fairs. The systems are not only expensive to transport, but rather need a lot of space as well. At most one system could be shown at a trade fair and a very big stand would be needed for this. “With the aid of . this VR solution, we can show any number of different systems and save transport and booth costs at the same time,” Perten explains.

Simple creation of 3D models

For  construction engineerHübner, user-friendlyhandling when creating a 3D model is paramount: “The native file from the 3D CAD program is easily dragged to the WeAre applicaiton via drag & drop where it automatically converts into the requried format within minutes. The original program does not play a role,”he says.A scalable and walk-through 3D model is the result, which permits the explosion views or cut views.

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