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We empower people to overcome boundaries.

Illustration Zusammenarbeit in VR

WeAre enables global teams to overcome boundaries and work together over long distances. The Virtual Reality conferencing system allows employees to conduct remote meetings easily, quickly and cost-effectively, as well as collaborating on virtual 3D CAD files.

WeAre was founded as a project in the Innovation Hub of innogy and was spun off in October 2017 as an independent GmbH. At the time, the founders – Maximilian Noelle and Marvin Tekautschitz – dealt with the question of what the mobility concepts of the future would look like. Their insight: the most desirable form of mobility is not traveling in order to get in touch with other people. This thinking is how the idea of the Virtual Reality conference system crystallized.

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Max Noelle, Co-Founder & CEO.

Max Noelle

Co-Founder & CEO

Marvin Tekautschitz, Co-Founder & COO.

Marvin Tekautschitz

Co-Founder & COO

Nico Nonne, Head of VR Development.

Nico Nonne

Head of VR Development

Michael Hengherr, Head of Backend Development.

Michael Hengherr

Head of Backend Development

Christian Koppers, Head of Sales.

Christian Koppers

Head of Sales

David Frühauf

Head of Communications

Felix Magdeburg

Business Development Manager

Tim Kunkel

VR Developer

Pavel Golubovski, VR Developer, Architectural Design.

Pavel Golubovski

VR Developer, Architectural Design

Carsten Flöth

VR Developer

Andre Schwartke

Sales Manager

Jasper Witt

Sales Associate

Mediye Yaman

Management Assistant

Bernhard Ole Schaefermeyer bei WeAre

Bernhard Schaefermeyer


Julia Gieswein

Business Development