Präsentation in VR

Virtual Reality – are VR glasses the better CAVE system?

Companies are increasingly implementing virtual reality (VR) systems to visualize 3D CAD objects or rooms. The use of virtual reality helps in optimizing business processes, and it significantly saves money and resources. Two of the most widespread systems that are currently on the market are the CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment) and the HMD (Head […]


WeAre included in the top 10 ranking AR/VR

Around 50 years after the first head mounted display (HMD) was released in 1968 – the forerunner of modern virtual reality glasses – companies are discovering more and more applications for AR/VR technology. Reason enough for CIO Applications Europe to devote a special ranking to the technology in which WeAre was also included.


How to implement new technologies in companies

We live in a time when more and more companies are bringing innovative products on to the market, which are substituting solutions that were once thought to be indispensable. Let’s take a look at the e-mail. It revolutionized communication in companies, because it is much faster and less expensive than a letter. But people must […]


Die Cloud und Sicherheit symbolisch dargestellt

Endless Space – How Safe is the Cloud?

The cloud: endless space. It’s the year 2019. These are the adventures of companies with 400 servers, who are 5 years into their quest for external cloud solutions that promise new opportunities and renewed efficiency. Many light years removed from other users, these companies are venturing into cloud applications that are yet to be explored.1


WeARe Hannover

Virtual Reality & CAD Trends at the Hannover Messe

From 1 – 5 April 2019, global players and mid-sized companies from all over the world will be back in Hannover. The Hannover Messe is considered to be the world’s largest industrial and capital goods trade fair, and this year’s topic is “Industrial Intelligence – The networking of man and machine in the age of […]


Remote Meetings Teil 5

Remote meetings (part 5) information meetings & training

Lifelong learning has arrived in our everyday work life. Those who want to keep up with the exponential developments of the globalized world cannot ignore further training. Information meetings and training are often accompanied by travel and unproductive waiting time for employees. Thanks to technical innovations, however, more and more training events can be conducted […]


How To, Remote Meetings

Remote meetings – design reviews with 3D CAD data

A design process is normally accompanied by many meetings. CAD files are created and then revised and adjusted again and again. The constant need for consultation is expensive and costs a lot of time. A virtual reality conference can provide a remedy to this. The realistic representation in virtual reality turns 3D CAD files into […]


Titelbild, Remote Meetings in VR

Remote meetings (part 2) preparation

Albert Einstein once said: “If I had an hour to solve a problem, I would spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about the solution.” If you want to successfully conduct a remote meeting, take enough time for the preparation. Unplanned meetings quickly lead to dissatisfaction.