Präsentation in VR

Virtual Reality – are VR glasses the better CAVE system?

Companies are increasingly implementing virtual reality (VR) systems to visualize 3D CAD objects or rooms. The use of virtual reality helps in optimizing business processes, and it significantly saves money and resources. Two of the most widespread systems that are currently on the market are the CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment) and the HMD (Head […]


How To, Remote Meetings

Remote meetings – design reviews with 3D CAD data

A design process is normally accompanied by many meetings. CAD files are created and then revised and adjusted again and again. The constant need for consultation is expensive and costs a lot of time. A virtual reality conference can provide a remedy to this. The realistic representation in virtual reality turns 3D CAD files into […]


Zwei Personen betrachten ein CAD Objekt mit Hilfe von VR.

Bringing Data to Life – with Virtual Reality and CAD

Since ancient times, man has recorded his experiences, visions, and ideas in the form of pictures. First with drawings on cave walls, later with ink on parchment, and in times of digitalization, with computer, mouse, and keyboard. So the need to capture fleeting thoughts and make them available to posterity has never changed. The possibilities, […]