WeAre started with the question of what the mobility concepts of the future will look like. Our vision is to make business travel in engineering obsolete and enable collaboration from anywhere.

Today, you can already walk through, discuss and work on machines, plants and buildings directly in our VR software WeAre Rooms, completely independent of location and in real time. Efficient, resource-saving and climate-neutral.

The WeAre Story


Foundation phase and development of the first prototypes


Successful market entry of WeAre GmbH and introduction of WeAre software to the first customers


Companies like Vorwerk, SMS group, Lufthansa Service Group, PIA Automation and many more use WeAre Rooms


SMS group GmbH acquires a stake in WeAre GmbH, thus supporting the planned market expansion and growth


Every company is only as good as the team it employs.
Team culture, cohesion and acting at eye level are very important to us.
Together we like to achieve great things. We are WeAre.

Max Noelle

Founder & CEO

Michael Hengherr

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Marc Probst

Customer Success Manager

Carsten Blöcher

VR Developer

Juliane Fink

VR Developer

Tim Kunkel

VR Developer

Pavel Golubovski

VR Development Team Lead

Nico Nonne

VR Pioneer & Advisor

Pilar Weidensee

PR & Marketing Manager

Ramona Haberstock-Liebwein

Project Manager

Maria Fischer

Finance Manager