Die Cloud und Sicherheit symbolisch dargestellt

Endless Space – How Safe is the Cloud?

The cloud: endless space. It’s the year 2019. These are the adventures of companies with 400 servers, who are 5 years into their quest for external cloud solutions that promise new opportunities and renewed efficiency. Many light years removed from other users, these companies are venturing into cloud applications that are yet to be explored.1


VR in Unternehmen

Arrived in Reality: Virtual Reality in the Business World (B2B)

The work world determines a large part of our life. There is no lack of will to change. We want to increase efficiency, save costs, and avoid mistakes. In short: we always want to improve. Because of this desire for improvement, we are continually developing and implementing new technologies. Digitalization, in particular, offers unprecedented potential […]


New Work Lab

Using Virtual Reality to avoid traffic? NRW trials the concept

Keeping calm and carrying on in the face of long commutes and overloaded streets and trains, seemingly never-ending traffic jams: this is everyday reality in the German Federal State of North Rhine Westphalia (NRW). With a total of 454,907 kilometers of traffic jams each year, Germany’s largest state by population also tops the leaderboard of […]


Zwei Personen betrachten ein CAD Objekt mit Hilfe von VR.

Bringing Data to Life – with Virtual Reality and CAD

Since ancient times, man has recorded his experiences, visions, and ideas in the form of pictures. First with drawings on cave walls, later with ink on parchment, and in times of digitalization, with computer, mouse, and keyboard. So the need to capture fleeting thoughts and make them available to posterity has never changed. The possibilities, […]


Meeting zum Thema Virtuelle Realität

WeAre discusses Virtual Reality with teenagers

The week-long work experience offered to high school students, focusing on the topic of Virtual Reality, came to a close in September. As part of the Generation.Ruhr Initiative, twenty students engaged in an intense examination of the topics of VR for Education, as well as VR and Sustainability, before presenting their ideas to a specialist […]