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Prototyping in Virtual Reality

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Interact with virtual 3D CAD objects

Product development teams in global companies are nowadays working from multiple locations. A VR conference enables decentralized teams to work together on virtual 3D CAD prototypes.

Benefits of VR Prototyping

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With Virtual Reality, you are able to present virtual 3D CAD files so tangibly that you no longer need a physical prototype.

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Product Quality

The simple and time-saving interaction with virtual 3D objects can reduce the error rate before production.

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Lead Times

The absence of physical prototypes and the quick coordination via VR conference can reduce lead times significantly.


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3D CAD Import

Import your own CAD
 files to view and edit
them in the virtual room.

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Exploded View

See every single part of your prototype and 
highlight important parts.

Grafik, Atom, WeAre

X Ray

Look directly into the 
object and show it in 

Grafik, Maßband


Determine the real 
dimensions of the object 
regardless of the zoom.

Grafiken, Viereck, Dreieck, Kreis, Kreuz

Adding Notes

Add sticky notes and 
speech notes directly 
to the 3D object.

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Automatic layer detection to assess machinery.

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