VR Meetings

VR Meetings – Remote and Interactive

Conferences in Virtual Reality

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The shortest business trip in the world

A VR conference transcends borders and allows people to attend meetings in virtually any location in the world. Simply dial in, put on the VR headset and you are set – in an interactive meeting room with many features.

Benefits of VR Meetings

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Work Together

The VR meeting room combines the advantages of remote meetings with playful elements of an interactive workshop.

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Business Trips

Thanks to the flexible possibilities in VR, you will be able to carry out even more types of meetings remotely and save travel costs.

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Decision Making

Invite your participants into a VR conference in a simple and time-saving manner and conduct meetings on demand spontaneously.


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Virtual Whiteboards

Use virtual whiteboards 
to be written and attach 
pictures and PDF files.

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Sticky Notes

Use sticky notes in 
different shapes and 
colors to be written.

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3D Drawing

Simply draw in the virtual 
meeting room to capture 
thoughts in 3D.

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Import Documents

Make your PDF and office
 documents available in 
the virtual meeting room.

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Speech Notes

Use voice recognition 
to convert your speech 
into text.

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Photos and Videos

Take pictures of the
 virtual meeting room 
including all objects.

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