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To the edge of the universe and back

WeAre in use for building the ngVLA


The future of work looks bright!

Remote work When virtual reality saves time, money and CO2

Nature and technology interaction. Tree with futuristic element. Virtual digital biotechnology tree engineering concept. VR helmet reality Futuristic technology with the concept of natural resources.


Social selling – hip buzzword or sustainable sales strategy

Even before the coronavirus outbreak social selling found its way into the sales strategy.

VR News Social Selling Hand writes Social Selling in thumbnail view on a pane of glass preview


Keeping the innovation market alive in the corona era

Keeping the innovation market alive in the Corona era

Illustration with different selling graphics Innovation companies Title Post VR News preview


Virtual Reality – are VR glasses the better CAVE system?

Virtual Reality – are VR glasses the better CAVE system?

VR News man with HTC Vive VR glasses and controllers in hand looks towards 3D object preview


VR fields of application in the industrial value-added chain

Virtual reality has no longer been limited to just the gaming industry.

Two people with VR glasses stand around a 3D VR machine VR News preview


Virtual sales meetings for sales optimization

Better sales chances and uncomplicated communication with customers.

Two people stand around a virtual 3D VR machine, one is wearing VR glasses, VR news preview


Corporate values – that’s how our workshop went

Nearly two years after founding our company, we at WeAre decided to dedicate ourselves to the topic of values.

Company Values ​​Workshop WeAre team sits at the workshop preview table


Virtual reality pioneer Jaron Lanier provides exciting insights

In his book: Dawn of the New Everything – How Virtual Reality is Changing our Lives and our Society, Jaron Lanier describes virtual reality the “hope for a medium that can convey dreams.”

VR News Title Book Launch Jaron Lanier Preview


WeAre included in the top 10 ranking AR/VR

Around 50 years after the first head mounted display (HMD) was released in 1968 – the forerunner of modern virtual reality glasses – companies are discovering more and more applications for AR/VR technology.

Title Top 10 Ranking CIO Applications VR News preview


How to implement new technologies in companies

We live in a time when more and more companies are bringing innovative products on to the market, which are substituting solutions that were once thought to be indispensable.

New Technologies Blackboard in Virtual Reality with a Mindset Preview


Remote work: facilitate decision-making in decentralized teams

Every company, every team, and every product – it all happens when a big decision is made. And each big decision is preceded by numerous smaller decisions.

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Endless Space – How Safe is the Cloud?

The cloud: endless space. It’s the year 2019. These are the adventures of companies with 400 servers, who are 5 years into their quest for external cloud solutions that promise new opportunities and renewed efficiency.

VR News Lock in the Clouds Security in the Cloud Preview


Virtual Reality & CAD Trends at the Hannover Messe

The Hannover Messe is considered to be the world’s largest industrial and capital goods trade fair, and this year’s topic is “Industrial Intelligence – The networking of man and machine in the age of the KI.”

VR News WeAre at the Hanover Fair 3 people at the booth preview


Remote meetings (part 5) – information meetings & training

Lifelong learning has arrived in our everyday work life. Those who want to keep up with the exponential developments of the globalized world cannot ignore further training.

VR News Remote Meetings Part 5 preview


Remote meetings (part 4) – design reviews with 3D CAD data

A design process is normally accompanied by many meetings. CAD files are created and then revised and adjusted again and again. The constant need for consultation is expensive and costs a lot of time.

VR News Remote Meetings Part 4 preview


Remote meetings (part 3) – status-update meetings

Status-update meetings are indispensable for organizing teamwork. Co-workers often need to have discussions and coordinate with each other to work toward a mutual goal.

VR News Remote Meetings Part 3 preview


Remote meetings (part 2) – preparation

If you want to successfully conduct a remote meeting, take enough time for the preparation. Unplanned meetings quickly lead to dissatisfaction.

VR News Remote Meetings Part 2 preview


How to conduct remote meetings more effectively (Part 1) – basics

The value of a meeting lies not only in the exchange of information. In collaboration, people can initiate wonderful projects, improve products, learn from each other, motivate and inspire each other. But how can you have a good exchange when teams work across several locations?

VR News Remote Meetings Part 1 preview


Arrived in Reality: Virtual Reality in the Business World (B2B)

The work world determines a large part of our life. There is no lack of will to change. We want to increase efficiency, save costs, and avoid mistakes.

VR News man with HTC Vive VR glasses and controllers in hand looks towards 3D object preview


Using Virtual Reality to avoid traffic? NRW trials the concept

Keeping calm and carrying on in the face of long commutes and overloaded streets and trains, seemingly never-ending traffic jams. This is everyday reality in NRW.

VR News Congestion bypassing with VR window front with NEW WORK LAB preview


One year of overcoming boundaries with WeAre

WeAre was founded as a project in the Innovation Hub of innogy and was spun off in October 2017 as an independent GmbH.

VR News Team from WeAre 2017 and 2018 preview


Bringing Data to Life – with Virtual Reality and CAD

Since ancient times, man has recorded his experiences, visions, and ideas in the form of pictures. First with drawings on cave walls, later with ink on parchment, and in times of digitalization, with computer, mouse, and keyboard. So the need to capture fleeting thoughts and make them available to posterity has never changed. The possibilities, on the other hand, have changed.

VR news woman shows man with VR glasses a car in virtual reality preview


WeAre discusses Virtual Reality with teenagers

The week-long work experience offered to high school students, focusing on the topic of Virtual Reality, came to a close in September. Twenty students engaged in an intense examination of the topics of VR for Education, as well as VR and Sustainability.

VR News students sit around a large table and watch presentation of virtual reality preview


The New Generation of Communication – Meetings in Virtual Reality

Remote Meetings are nothing new for companies of every size.

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